360 Advisory is an independent financial advisory boutique.
It provides its clients with personalised advice on investments and transaction structuring.



360 Advisory is a one-stop point of Financial, Banking, Legal, Tax and Accounting expertise providing best-in-class Investment Banking standards of structuring and execution.

The creation of 360 Advisory resulted from the growing demand for expert and truly independent advice.

Clients gain access to a diversified pool of highly experienced professionals to review and advise on all aspects of their investment opportunities and transactions.

360 Advisory follows a simple process:

(1) Identifying and defining its clients’ goals and objectives;

(2) Analysing and recommending bespoke solutions, and;

(3) Implementing its recommendations.

Core Values

Clients are at the core of everything 360 Advisory does. This is reflected by its three guiding principles.


360 Advisory is first and foremost a solutions provider, always tackling any situation using known principles as well as innovative structures.


Clients benefit from a multi-disciplinary approach to any given situation, resulting in the best possible advice, tailored to their exact needs.


360 Advisory does not custody any client assets, thereby avoiding typical conflicts of interests. 360 Advisory only serves its clients and does not receive any retrocession, acting in full transparency.


Based on the extensive and diverse professional experiences of its founders, 360 Advisory offers comprehensive expertise and strategic advice on transactions structuring and investments.


360 Advisory will review investment opportunities (whether early stage, growth, mature, direct or Private Equity) and issue investment recommendations to its clients. In doing so 360 Advisory enables its clients to make informed and optimal investment decisions. When relevant, 360 Advisory will structure the whole investment process by coordinating the work of the various parties involved (lawyers, bankers, accountants etc.). Once a transaction is completed 360 Advisory will be on-hand to provide follow-on shareholder advisory to ensure continuity and assist its clients over the long run.


Covering a wide range of situations 360 Advisory can provide solutions for many problems faced by equity investors; whether it requires engaging in financial and commercial due diligence processes, structuring and negotiating shareholders agreements and management packages, or advising on hedging solutions etc. 360 Advisory is extremely well versed in providing crucial assistance when dealing with banks, lawyers, and accountants enabling its clients to achieve the most efficient structures, tailored to their individual needs and risk appetite.

In performing the above duties, and when necessary, 360 Advisory relies on its extensive network of sector experts (industry professionals), investment professionals, corporate and tax lawyers, bankers, and accountants with which working relationships have been developed by its founders over many years.


360 Advisory focuses on advising private individuals, whether they are acting privately,
or as business owners (through their companies or their family offices).

Private Investors

360 Advisory provides its clients with resources to review, qualify and structure their investment opportunities hence reducing their risks and optimising their financial structure.

Business Owners

360 Advisory assists its clients’ companies in defining their precise needs and in finding adequate partners to achieve optimal growth. It acts as a key strategic and corporate finance adviser for companies which need to structure their financial development.

360 Advisory stands by its clients throughout the whole structuring exercise and maintains close relationships after successful completion of any given transaction.

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